KoreanClass101 Coupon Code

KoreanClass101 Coupon Codes

NOTE: These KoreanClass101 coupon codes have been tested to work as of October 18th, 2021.

Are you looking to learn to speak Korean and join 77 million Korean speakers? Well, there is no better or more fun way to learn it than through KoreanClass101. For more information on what we think of the program, kindly check out our KoreanClass101 review.

Read on to take advantage of these KoreanClass101 Coupon codes to save hundreds on your subscription!


77% Off Korean Class 101 Promo Code (Verified October, 2021)

Use this promo code link (blue button below) to be directed to the secret unadvertised sales page offering 77% off a lifetime premium membership.


30% Off Any KoreanClass101 Membership Coupon Code (Verified December, 2020)

You can use this discount code to activate your KoreanClass101 lifetime account and get a significant discount of up to $175 off. Once you sign up via the link below, your 30% discount automatically applies. The existing KoreanClass101 users will also receive the discount. So, if you are an existing member read on for more information on utilizing the discount with your account.


How to Use KoreanClass101 Coupon Code

New Users

Opening your KoreanClass101 discount code is very easy. Simply follow the steps below to open your discount code.

1. Click here for your KoreanClass101 Coupon Code.

Once it opens, you will be directed to the KoreanClass101 checkout page. Note, the coupon will have already been applied to the final price.

2. Choose a Plan

On the KoreanClass101 site, you will find you will be required to pick a subscription plan. You can pick Basic, Premium, or Premium Plus subscription, whichever that you want.

KoreanClass101 Coupon Savings Screenshot

3. Enter Payment Information

Now that you have picked your subscription plan, the next thing to do is entering your payment information. You can enter your billing address and we accept a variety of payments that include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

4. Pick a Subscription Term

The subscription terms come ranging from 1 to 24 months. The longer the subscription term, the drop the monthly charge is. With the 30% coupon, you can save a significant amount of cash if you choose a longer subscription term.

5. Verify Your Account

This is the final step for first-time users. To verify your account, you will be required to enter your email address. Once you verify, you can kick-start your most in-depth programs for learning to speak Korean.


Existing KoreanClass101 Users

If by now you are enjoying learning Korean on KoreanClass101, then you are also eligible to save on your learning. But how can you enjoy the coupon discount? Check the following simple steps!

1. Log into your KoreanClass101 account

2. Once logged in, move to this page and click on our coupon code link

3. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to subscription plans where you can choose your plan. If you have been using the basic plan, this offers you an opportunity to upgrade to the Premium or Premium PLUS plan.

4. You will be required to update or verify your payment information and pick the length of your subscription. If you want to save more as everyone else could, consider signing up for a longer period subscription plan.

5. Click on the “Complete” icon at the bottom of your page to continue KoreanClass101 as you were but at a cheaper cost with more upgrade features.


Does the KoreanClass101 Coupon Code Work Everywhere?

Yes. You can access the 30% coupon code for KoreanClass101 from anywhere as long as you have internet. KoreanClass101 is available across various areas around the globe which epitomizes the Innovative Languages phrase Learning-on-the-go!


Which Subscription should I Pick, Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS?

Basic Plan

This subscription plan allows you access to in-depth lesson notes, complete lesson access as well as extensive audio and video lesson library. You also get 100 Korean Core Words and phrases and basic access on Android, iPhone, or iPad. You can choose the Basic monthly subscription if you:

  • Have limited funds
  • Would want to see if you are committed to learning Korean more in-depth
  • Would like to learn a few Korean key phrases and terms to get along while traveling to Korea

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is a monthly subscription that comes with more benefits. In addition to what you get in the basic plan, you get interactive lesson quizzes, HD video, 1000 core words and phrases, audio dictionary, voice-recording tools, interactive learning tools, grammar bank, daily Korean lessons, and flashcards. You can opt for the Premium Plan if you:

  • Want to learn the Korean language in depth
  • Want quizzes on what you have learned
  • Want to become a fluent speaker in Korean
  • Want to daily learning resources to perfect your speaking Korean

Premium PLUS

The Premium PLUS subscription plan offers the best option to engross yourself in learning all that pertains to the Korean language. In addition to what you get in Basic and Premium Plans, you will get on-going professional assessments, personal assignments, and personalized learning plans. You can pick the Premium PLUS monthly subscription if you want:

Opt for Premium PLUS if you:

  • Become a fluent Korean speaker for business or personal reasons
  • To enjoy one-on-one instruction
  • Learning plan customized for you

Still can’t make up your mind which level to choose?  Read our review of Korean Class 101 for more info.


Tips of Getting the Most Out of Your Subscription

First, we are glad that you have signed up with KoreanClass101 to kick-start your learning to speak Korean. Now we want to show you how you can make the most out of your subscription. Follow these few tips.

1. Shape your daily learning time for at least 30 minutes to learn Korean
2. For daily refreshers, choose daily emails and word of the day
3. Print your lessons and regularly read through them whenever you can watch or listen
4. Keep track of your progress
5. If you are Premium PLUS subscriber, ask your tutor questions
6. Enroll in groups, listen to music and watch movies to improve your understanding

If you are serious to learn to speak Korean, the KoreanClass101 Coupon Code offers you more reason to enroll and learn to speak an extra language in the quickest and fun way.

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