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UrduPod101 Review

UrduPod101 Review 2019

This UrduPod101 Review is up to date as of February 22nd, 2021.

Urdu is a language spoken by an estimated 100 million people in mainly Muslim communities in Pakistan, India, the UK, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The UK alone boasts about 400 thousand Urdu speakers, and Urdu is also the official language of Pakistan.

Though systematic and orderly in word construction and sentence structure, Urdu is written from right to left. This can prove challenging to many who are used to a left to right system. There are informal and formal verbs, and nouns are either masculine or feminine. Similarly to English, it has an array of words with irregular spellings with no real pattern.

Spoken Urdu is nearly identical to Hindi for everyday matters; however, they are written in different scripts.

This means that Urdu and Hindi speakers can understand each other in conversation, but not in written language. In order to master this somewhat challenging language, a comprehensive language learning program is essential. Read on for our honest UrduPod101 review.

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UrduPod101 Review Summary

Signing up for UrduPod101 is as simple as entering your email address and making up a password. Once you do, you have access to UrduPod101 for free for seven days and a free lifetime account. This grants you access to:

  • On-the-go video and audio lessons
  • Mobile Applications
  • Vocabulary learning tools like flashcards and word-of-the-day
  • Core Urdu word lists and phrase lists

Should you choose to further your learning, you can upgrade to any of three monthly subscription packages. These subscriptions allow access to UrduPod101’s extensive library of thousands of lessons, daily mini-lessons delivered to your email, tips on quickly mastering Urdu, and even one-on-one instruction.



What We Liked About UrduPod101

As you can see from the review summary, we recommend this course. Here are 3 reasons we liked it:

Variety of Lessons
There are quite a few different teaching methods within UrduPod101 and this means that no matter your desired learning technique or pace, there will be something for you. You do not have to listen to hours of a repetitive podcast or watch endless videos with obsolete scenarios. UrduPod101 keeps courses fresh and interesting to keep you motivated.
Comprehensive Lessons and Study Tools
There are loads of different ways to study and commit Urdu to memory. You will find interactive quizzes, custom word lists, audio dictionaries, voice recording tools, and vocabulary slide shows. Not only are these tools fun, but they are designed to lead you to fluency in Urdu in a logical progression.
Learning Flexibility
Since you can download apps for your mobile, listen to podcasts, and use study tools on your desktop, you can customize how you learn to speak Urdu. With the variety of learning platforms, you can study when it is best for you.


What We Didn’t Like About UrduPod101

All that said, the program isn’t perfect. Here are a few things that we didn’t love about it:

Somewhat Expensive
Though the free and Basic subscription plans offer thorough instruction and practice with learning Urdu, to get the full effect, you will need to upgrade to the Premium or PremiumPLUS subscriptions. Though the cost is still negligible when compared to the cost of a course at a university, it may be a little steep for those on a budget.
Very Small Community
Urdu does not seem to be a popular language to learn, and as such the online community of language learners is rather small. This could limit one’s potential to practice speaking Urdu with others. Still, if speaking practice is desired, you can get it with a PremiumPLUS subscription.


What are the lessons like?

The lessons are built in a way that helps you to easily and quickly pick up the language. They are available via video, podcast, interactive tools and quizzes.

Though you do not have to take the lessons in order, they slowly build upon each other to lead you to fluency.

Not only are the lessons engaging and entertaining, but they also provide you with bits of culture surrounding the Urdu language. This gives you a well-rounded experience in learning the language.

There are four levels to choose from including Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Absolute Beginner will start you out with pronunciation practice and lead you up to basic introductions, thank you, you’re welcome and hello. Progressing through the levels increases your knowledge and fluency.

You can practice or retake lessons as often as you need until you feel comfortable moving on. You will also find in-depth notes to help explain things that might have been missed during the lesson itself.

Once you have reached the Advanced level, lessons will shift into learning more about Muslim culture, Pakistan government, and traditions.

UrduPod101 Lesson Screenshot


Who Is UrduPod101 Good For?

In our opinion, UrduPod101 is a great option to learn Urdu for those who:

  • want to quickly and efficiently learn to speak Urdu
  • plan to expand their business to Pakistan or other Urdu-speaking areas
  • have Urdu-speaking friends, partners or spouses
  • thrive with independent study and are highly motivated


Who Shouldn’t Buy UrduPod101?

Language learning programs are rarely one-size-fits-all. Though we think most will benefit from UrduPod101, those who may struggle include those who:

  • learn best in a classroom
  • are not self-motivated
  • need additional instruction
  • are on a very tight budget


UrduPod101 vs. Competition

We were hard pressed to find much in the way of a comprehensive Urdu courses online. There are loads of YouTube videos claiming to teach you to speak Urdu as you drive or otherwise listen in. However, we could not verify whether these videos were made by certified language teachers or not. Youtube and free podcasts can be a good option to test the waters in a new language, but we recommend a structured course for serious language learning.

UrduPod101 Teacher Afra 1

There were multiple free websites like that offer loads of phrases and vocabulary words. Some sites even allow you to hear how the word or phrase is pronounced. Though this type of tool is useful in conjunction with a comprehensive Urdu course or if you simply need to quickly find the words to ask something in Urdu, it will not build a foundation to learn a language.

UrduPod101 vs.

One of the few competitors we found was

For $7.99 per month, you can access Urdu lessons one through ten on Mangolanguages.

These lessons focus on salutations, food, drink, transportation, money and compliments. The goals of these lessons are to be able to speak conversationally with others in Urdu.

Grammar goals of these lessons include being introduced to nouns, verbs and adjectives and to learn sentence structure.

We like that this is one of the few structured Urdu courses out there, and it looks great for beginners. However it somehow feels like it’s not as comprehensive as UrduPod.

To advance beyond a beginner level, you will need to find another course.


Is it Worth the Money?

The short answer is: Yes. For those who are serious about mastering the Urdu language, we think UrduPod101 is worth the money.

Though on the more expensive side, we simply could not find any other online resources that came close to being as comprehensive as UrduPod101.

When you consider costs associated with taking a university course in Urdu, UrduPod101’s PremiumPlus option (which includes a tutor) represents very good value.

If you’re unsure, they offer a 7-day free trial.

You can try out UrduPod101 Premium for 7 days, FREE.


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Final Thoughts on UrduPod101

UrduPod101 is one of the very few in-depth courses available to learn Urdu on your own time. Aside from private instruction or a university level course, you will not find a better independent study course online. Though it is a bit pricey, we think it’s worth the money for serious students.

We feel that UrduPod101 is an excellent program that will quickly and effectively get you on your way to learning Urdu.

You will have access to the most extensive Urdu lesson library we could find and can learn at your own pace.

Click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial and test it out for yourself.

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