KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

If you are serious about learning to speak Korean, you probably already know about KoreanClass101. With the well-kept secret lifetime membership option (details below) out of the bag, you can save up to 60% off monthly subscription costs. Read on to learn more about grabbing this offer and to start studying the Korean language.

How to get a KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

Simply click on this link to take advantage of the KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium Account. You can immediately begin using the massive amount of learning tools, podcasts and videos, and lesson notes on a desktop, iOS or Android device. Not only do you have access to all the current lessons, but you will be able to access all new lessons as they are added.


Cost of KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

The cost for lifetime premium access is  $599 — which gives you access to all of the features of KoreanClass101’s Premium subscription. Not only does this save quite a bit of money in the long-term, but it also takes the pressure of time off of you. For example, you do not have to worry about not getting your money’s worth should you not have time to study one month because of work/school/etc. This option allows you to study at your own pace.


Get a Lifetime Premium Account for 1 (Korean), 3 or All 34 Languages

Whether you are committed solely to learning Korean or want the option of learning multiple languages at your own pace, Innovative Languages—creator of KoreanClass101 and JapanesePod101—has three lifetime membership options.

As noted, you can purchase your lifetime subscription to KoreanClass101 for the one-time payment of $599. For just $999, you can purchase lifetime subscriptions for three different languages. For $1,499, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to all of Innovative Languages’ language classes for a total of 34. Other languages available to learn include Arabic, Filipino, Czech, Russian, Swahili and Spanish. You can see all the languages available by clicking the button below:


KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium Account Discount

No additional discounts are available for KoreanClass101 Lifetime Premium memberships. However, if you consider the monthly KoreanClass101 Premium subscription cost ($25 per month) and you plan to study for at least three years, you can save more than $300 or 30% off the regular price by choosing the lifetime membership.



Those who are serious about learning to speak Korean or any other language offered by Innovative Languages may benefit by opting for one of the little-known lifetime membership plans. Long term, it can also save you from having to pay another monthly bill. If you aren’t completely convinced this is right for you, try the KoreanClass101 $1 monthly Premium trial to see what it’s all about.

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