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Important Note: These Plugins Are No Longer Supported By Developers

The Perapera development team is no longer working on the Perapera Chinese or Japanese Popup Dictionary Plugins for Chrome and Firefox.

Why? Well, to start, unfortunately the plugin project was never financially self-sustaining, and was costing a ton of money to keep updated. That said, we enjoyed working on it at the time, and appreciate the community support over the years.

If you contributed (financially, feedback, or otherwise) to the original development, we appreciate it. We hope you enjoyed using it.

On the plus side, this website is alive an well, and is updated regularly with articles about learning Asian languages, with a focus on Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Please bookmark us and read about our language learning strategies.

Thank you,

The Perapera Team



Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary

Google Chrome is no longer available.

Perapera Chinese Privacy Policy

*Perapera Firefox is no longer available.

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Perapera Japanese Popup Dictionary

This Popup Dictionary is no longer available for Chrome nor Firefox.

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