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IndonesianPod101 Review

IndonesianPod101 Review
This IndonesianPod101 Review has been updated October, 2020.

Learning to speak Indonesian can be a great way to network for business, study a new culture, and even save money when traveling in Southeast Asia. Bahasa Indonesian is spoken by almost 200 million people who live on Indonesia’s nearly 17,000 islands. This makes Indonesia the fourth most populous nation on the planet, and the Indonesian language one of the most widely spoken.

In fact, Indonesia is one of the most geographically and ethnographically diverse countries with unique customs and dialects throughout. You will find Islamic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist people living amongst urban, rural, tropical, and mountainous regions. Though most tourists visit areas like Bali and Jakarta, you can extend your reach by learning to speak fluent Indonesian.

Not only is speaking Indonesian language an impressive skill to have, it is also one of the simplest languages to learn. There are no verb tenses, genders, or tones, and sentence structure is very similar to that of the English language. Finding the best way to learn Bahasa Indonesia is key. Here is everything you need to know detailed in our IndonesianPod101 Review.

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IndonesianPod101 Review: Overview

IndonesianPod101 boasts its ability to teach you fluent Indonesian quickly. You will find fun, interactive lessons that cover current topics and cultures. Signing up will get you a free lifetime account and a free 7-day trial period.

Included with the free trial period are:

  • Most common Indonesian words list
  • Access to thousands of audio and video lessons
  • Flashcards
  • Comprehensive break-down and explanations within lessons
  • Core vocabulary word lists

Of course, if you are looking for the best way to learn Bahasa Indonesia, you can sign up for the 30-day Premium plan. This gives you access to the largest complete learning system with over one billion lesson downloads available. There are multiple apps for your phone to help you study on the go, and tools like the audio dictionary to help with proper pronunciation.

If you would like the added benefit of one-on-one instruction, the Premium PLUS plan offers this along with everything included with the Premium plan. Whether you choose the free trial or Premium Plus plan, there are four skill levels available to start you out where you should be.

What We Liked About The Course

Logically Ordered Lessons

We love how the content begins with simple words and slowly incorporates more principles of the Indonesian language. The lesson structure makes sense, and this makes learning less intimidating for someone just starting out. From Absolute Beginner to Advanced Speaker, lessons begin slowly and introduce you to more as you move forward with your studies.

Ability to Complete Lessons on Your Time

With both desktop and mobile access to your subscription, you can literally learn Bahasa Indonesian anywhere you are. Instead of zoning out on the drive to work, play your audio lessons over your vehicle’s sound system. Likewise, you can watch video lessons right from the app on your phone during your lunch break at work. IndonesianPod101 is completely customizable to your lifestyle.

Language Learning Tools Galore

We love the in-depth word and phrase lists available for every subscription level. Whether you want to tell your spouse to take out the trash (Bisakah kamu membuang sampah?), or order take-out food (Mari memesan makanan pesan antar), these lists are valuable for day-to-day communications. You will find podcasts, flashcards, and Indonesian dictionary, and so many more tools to help you master Indonesian.

Sending a parcel from Indonesia Podcast lesson

What We Didn’t Like About The Course

Little Feedback with Lower Subscription Plans

Unless you opt for the Premium PLUS subscription, there is little feedback on whether or not your pronunciation in correct. Though you can connect with an online community of other Indonesian learners through IndonesianPod101, these are not always a definite means of speaking practice. These communities are often small, and eventually you will need to find a native speaker to converse with to maintain your skills.

What are the Lessons Like?

As mentioned, lessons begin slowly and pick up speed as you go. For example, the first lesson for the Absolute Beginner begins by teaching you how to say “thank you” and its many variances, both formal and informal. You will then follow with “You’re Welcome,” self-introductions, and basic greetings. Each lesson is between 4 and 12 minutes long.

The native hosts speak clearly and enunciate while slowly moving through each lesson. They offer explanations about why certain words are used and what they translate to when needed. Even as a beginner, it can seem as if the lessons are drawn out, but keep in mind repetition is key to learning Indonesian.

Once you’ve progressed to the Advanced level, you will begin learning more about Indonesian customs and how to react in certain situations. Scenarios include Indonesian weddings, joining a gym in Indonesia, and what’s up with Indonesian movies. The lessons are both practical and relatable to today’s lifestyles.  See an example below of an Intermediate lesson:

IndonesianPod101 Lesson Sample

Who Should Buy IndonesianPod101?

IndonesianPod101 is an optimal language learning program for individuals who:

  • enjoy and flourish with an independent study environment
  • do not have time to commit to attending classes to learn Indonesian
  • are expanding their business to Indonesia and may relocate
  • prefer a modern and fresh take on language learning

Who Shouldn’t Buy IndonesianPod101

Language learning programs are not a one-size-fits-all system. Those who might not benefit from IndonesianPod101 include individuals who:

  • prefer to learn in a classroom environment with an instructor
  • need to enhance fluency with a native speaker

IndonesianPod101 Alternatives

There are a few language programs that promise to help you learn Indonesian, but most cannot match the systematic structure and thorough lessons you will find with IndonesianPod101. Sometimes, they come with exorbitant price tags. Here are a few comparisons of the few Indonesian language programs we found.

Duolingo vs. IndonesianPod101

Though a free program, Duolingo is much more focused on building vocabulary rather than learning how the language is spoken. Very few lessons have any type of explanation as to why you may choose to use one word over another. However, when used in conjunction with IndonesianPod101, Duolingo can provide beginners with a light refresher course on many vocabulary words.

Udemy vs. IndonesianPod101

The Udemy Indonesian for Beginners: Level 1 (A1) costs just $10.99 (introductory rate) for a very basic lesson. It includes up to 3-hours of videos and one practice test. Rather than having all the lessons available at your fingertips as with IndonesianPod101, Udemy requires you to purchase all subsequent lessons. It can be difficult to determine which lesson is next, as they are not clearly labeled.

Is IndonesianPod101 Worth the Money?

Overall, we believe IndonesianPod101 is definitely worth the money if you’re serious about learning the language. At just $4/month for the basic subscription, it is one of the most affordable, immersive programs out there. Even the free content is much more in-depth than the competitors’.

IndonesianPod101 Price

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IndonesianPod101 Review Summary

Excellent Value if you’re serious about learning Indonesian

Despite it being one of the world’s most widely used languages, Indonesian learning tools are few and far between. With all of IndonesianPod101’s lessons right at your fingertips with a monthly subscription, you do not have to concern yourself with finding the next successive lesson.

We feel that IndonesianPod101 is the most comprehensive program out there for the cost. You can easily incorporate learning Indonesian into your already busy lifestyle and work your way toward fluency quickly. If you want to invest into yourself, your business, and your connections, IndonesianPod101 is the way to go.

You can sign up for your free lifetime membership here.

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