Perapera Plugin Bug in Firefox 40

We are aware of a problem with our plugins in Firefox 40. Currently working on a fix for this. Please bear with us!

We hope to resolve this problem in the near future. In the meantime, you can either downgrade to Firefox 39 or use our Perapera Chinese Chrome add-on. Thank you for your support as always.

28 thoughts on “Perapera Plugin Bug in Firefox 40

  1. Would be great to know when this information was posted. Anyway, you guys are doing an awesome job. Waiting for the fix!

  2. “Don’t it always seem to go /
    That you don’t what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”
    (Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi)

    Now PeraPera has gone, I realize how much I rely on it… Thank you so much for your hard work and I hope you can fix the problem soon.

  3. Yes the web without perapera is much more hostile!
    Mozilla seems to work hard on driving users away from firefox recently..

  4. Love your plugin and can’t use Firefox without it. Hopefully, you’ll be able to deprecate the Firefox-specific plugin since Chrome plugins will soon work on FireFox.

  5. I dont like Chrome, but installed it specifically for this. The web page hasmuch Iinfo about it – but NO way toget It. Am I missing something?

  6. I love your tool. I donated a small sum in the hope that others do the same.
    I hope that RF Hartley / franciscampbell are the right adress for the donation.

    1. We will post an update on here, Facebook and Twitter. The fix is already done but Mozilla have rejected it twice so far. Working with them now to get this approved ASAP.

      Many thanks for the donation by the way.

  7. I’d like to report another bug:

    I installed v. in Firefox 41 and it seems to work—-however, I always have to turn it on manually. It will never start automatically when I open Firefox.

    In addition, it only works in 1 tab, so I have to re-enable it in each and every tab manually.

    Is there a fix for this? :/

  8. Hi there, I love these add-ons, they work great for me as a student of Chinese and Japanese. Unfortunately, the Chinese add-on is still not working for me even after you released the new version. I’m running Firefox 41.0.1.


    1. Just realized I never said what specifically wasn’t working. The add-on will open if I click on it, but when I scroll over a character, it does not give me the definition; it only gives the pronunciation.

      1. It seems that the color schemes are having some issues, that’s why you can’t see the definition. Will be fixed for the next update. Try using the Charcoal one in the meantime. That should be working as usual.

  9. What is not working specifically is the ability to read characters in text boxes. For example, normally I can use the plugin to read text that I copy and paste into online text boxes. But the updated version does not work like this.

    1. Thanks for the bug report. I didn’t know people used the plugin like that. Interesting. We will add this to the list of things to update next time.

  10. On Firefox V 42.0, Windows 7 Home (both in French), the Perapera Chinese add-on ( works well. I also installed Chinese-French Dictionary File add-on (1.120107.1-signed), but it does not work in French. To swith dictionary, the use of the Shift key, or Enter key, or 0-9 key (in french azerty keyboard, what are 0-9 key ?) makes nothing.
    In the Options, Dictionary folder, there is only one line “Chinese-English v1.111022” (not the version12.4.2.0). The clic on “Download” makes Firefox to go to the main page of Perapera site.
    Could you tell me how to use the chinese-french dictionary.

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