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Duolingo Chinese Review

Duolingo Chinese Review

Editor’s note: This Duolingo Chinese Review is up to date as of June 13th, 2021. If you’ve ever started studying a second language before then you’ve probably already heard of Duolingo. It’s currently one of the most popular language-learning apps on the market, offering dozens of different languages to learners all over the world. Therefore, …

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How To Get a ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium Account

If you have been considering learning to speak Chinese using ChineseClass101, now is a great time to start. This little-advertised Premium Lifetime Membership is now available to everyone and has the potential to save you up to 60% or even more over the duration of your subscription.   How to get a ChineseClass101 Lifetime Premium …

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Learn in Your Car series currently available for free on Audible

Learn in Your Car is a cool series that I’ve been meaning to do a review of for a while. There’s no time for that tonight (I just finished work and it’s almost 3am). However, the other day I noticed that the complete Learn in Your Car audio courses for both Chinese and Japanese are currently …

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