Perapera makes its way to Chrome!

Thats right, surprise! I have actually been working on this and a pre-release version is now finished and available to download on the Chrome extension site. You can get it here:

Perapera Chinese for Chrome

Yes its only Chinese for now, and some features are missing, but let’s not dwell on whats missing. The main functionality is there and the new themes as well. Features will be added one by one until it is on par with the Firefox version. Install now and you will receive all those updates automatically as they are added. We look forward to your feedback!

We plan to expand this site significantly in the coming weeks and months. Like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest updates!

28 thoughts on “Perapera makes its way to Chrome!

  1. Hi PeraPera,
    I recently posted about the Chrome release of this plugin but some of our readers ( on the latest Facebook post: ) expressed some concern about the browser needing access to “website data” and “bookmark/history” data. I’m sure it’s nothing and that the website data PeraPera is require to provide definitions for the words contained within, though could you please clarify as to what is being accessed by the plugin?

      1. Hello are you guys going to do a Japanese and Korean chrome extension?? I would really love that. I know you have a Japanese Firefox one but I don’t use Firefox it’s too slow for me. I already added the Chinese extension and I can’t wait to use it. Oh and just in-case do you have a Korean extension for Firefox??

  2. Where is the support / help section for the chrome app ? I’m a firefox user and want to switch to Chrome but can’t get it to work. is there a switch button like in Firefox ??

    1. Hi. What are you having problems with exactly? You should see the Perapera star in the top right of the browser.

  3. Hi–just installed Chrome and added PPK here and it all seemed fine BUT I cannot get the pop-up window to appear! Any thoughts? This is key to my switchover from the annoying Firefox bumblebrowser. if I cannot have PPK, then I cannot have Chrome. And it’s back to Firefox–aargh! HELP

  4. Haha–just realized that Chrome requires you turn on the little star each time instead of PPK appearing in a drop-down right click menu. So I am all set!

  5. I’ve been using perapera on firefox for years, now.

    I’ve started playing around with Chrome, now, and find that perapera doesn’t work with local html files. I can only use it on web-based files.

    Why is that?

  6. hey! how do you save the words i hover. I can’t find the option. is this function not added yet? when will it be added!! i’m waiting!!

  7. hey! i can’t save the word i hover on chrome. is this function not added yet? when will it be added!! i’m waiting!! thanks

  8. When Is the update coming with the ability to change tone colours because I don’t like the current blue for 4th tone etc. Is this a planned release or have you stopped developing. Great app apart from this.

  9. Are there any plans to make the Japanese version available for Chrome as well? I would love to be able to use it at work, but I can’t install Firefox for security reasons.

  10. Thank you very much for porting your extension to Chrome.
    I’ve been using it for several years and it’s really awesome.
    This was the last reason why I was still using (sluggish) Firefox.

  11. I’d love to use the Perapera in Chrome, but the font is way too small and it doesn’t detect all text in links.

  12. I use the Chinese version in Firefox and love it. I use it everyday.

    If you are looking for suggestions, I wish I had some control over the size of the popup and the popup font-size. The popup scales according to the current font size in the browser window. Since I use a fairly large font-size for Chinese characters, the popup sometimes obscures my view no matter where I move it.

    Anyway, great add-in.

    1. Hi Bernie. Thanks for the feedback! A few people have mentioned the font size as an issue. Maybe we can change this in future. Cheers.

  13. Hi, I’ve installed and uninstalled this add-on to Chrome twice and both times, the pinyin is missing from the pop up windows–just the characters and translations appear. This didn’t happen before.

  14. Hey, my chrome isn’t working and does not want to intall the extension!
    Is there some way that I can find the .crx file? Thanks 🙂

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