Perapera Chinese update for Firefox 44

We have released an update of Perapera Chinese for Firefox 44.

  • Color schemes are back
  • The plugin now automatically starts in each tab when “Always enable at startup” option is selected

You can download the latest version of the Chinese plugin below:

Perapera Chinese

Please consider making a small donation if this tool has helped you.

12 thoughts on “Perapera Chinese update for Firefox 44

  1. thanks for the update.

    bug report: i noticed the definition often doesn’t pop up on Baidu pages (even tho the words do get highlighted when you hover over them), unless you turn perapera off and then on again. would be great if you could fix this in the next update.

    thanks again!

    1. I suspect you have inadvertently turned off the definitions. Turn your definitions back on with the “D” key.

  2. Another bug: the popup window doesn’t work inside “boxes” such as the Comment box on this page, Google Translate box etc.

    Is it possible to fix that?


  3. Hurray! Perapera works again! I was one of the people getting the error where Perapera would show its menu on start and then not show any definitions. It appears to work now. I’m off to test and if you don’t hear from me again it means everything is fine.

  4. The Wordlist seems to be broken. It’s saving entries to the onscreen list but no longer writing them to the userentries.txt. (Firefox 44, latest version of Perapera)

  5. I’ll consider making a donation when the other dictionaries will work again.
    It’s been 7 months or so since they broke down. It had greatly impacted my efficency in learning Chinese. I have no other alternative. (I last tried on Firefox 44 and 45 but it’s been down since 39 and even before)

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Best regards

  6. Sometimes Pera pera eats keyboard letters wich are in shortcuts.
    Can’t type while it on.
    If it is not only my problem can I expect that this will be fixed?

  7. Firefox 47 has errors. The settings don’t save after browser close. And the webpage opens every time I start firefox.

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