Firefox3 Beta Versions

Not enough to push out an update, but for those you really want to use this with the Firefox 3 Betas, you can download compatible versions in my “Box” on the left here. Uninstall the old versions first. Enjoy!

PS: Thank you to those who have already donated! I’ll be working hard this weekend on getting a new version of this out soon!

7 thoughts on “Firefox3 Beta Versions

  1. Is the download actually ver 0.2.2 made compatible for FF3? I am using FF3 beta 3 and have installed the plug-in from the “box”. However, the moment I enable chinesepera-kun, firefox crashes. This was also happening with the original ver 0.2.2 which I had run with checkCompatibility disabled.

  2. It’s great that you’re actively continuing this project again!

    I was wondering about Thunderbird support in ChinesePera-kun, are you going to update that too? Currently when I try to install it, it says that it only works with Thunderbird 1.0-1.5.

    Currently I have rikai-chan in my Thunderbird but it would be great to have support for Chinese too.

  3. Thank you for keeping this project alive!

    It’s such a wounderful tool chinese pera kun!

    My best wishes

  4. Great software, but it looks like it no longer works with FF3RC1. The AJAX popup window will never appear. Can you take a look at this?

  5. Actually the popup window does appear, but it does so at the very end of the page. If you scroll down to the bottom, you can see the text of the popup window. I hope there will be a fix soon, I love this plugin. Very usefull.

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