Earthquakes, China, and FF 4.0

Hey guys, sorry for such a delay in getting at least a beta out for version 4.0. Live in Japan and everyone I know was ok thru the earthquake, but I did lose my computer. It did a backflip off the desk and was shattered on the floor when I got home.

Shortly after the earthquake I had a long planned business trip to China which I extended to wait out the Fukushima concerns a bit, and just got back last week.

This FF4.0 compatible release is really nothing fancy and I just know the essentials work, so cant guarantee it will work so great but at least its something to use until there I get the time to make it work proper (sometime after I get a new computer).

In other news I will be open sourcing this and making a Github project for it, so if anyone would like to work together to improve this or add other languages etc, let me know.

In FF4.0, here’s where you would find the Perapera-kun icon:

Step1: Right click on the toolbar and click “customize”

Step 2: Drag the Perapera-kun icon over to the toolbar.

8 thoughts on “Earthquakes, China, and FF 4.0

  1. Thanks for doing this and I hope that all goes well in repairing what you have lost from the earthquake. While the new version of your extension is compatible with Firefox 4, the dictionaries that it requires to run seem not to be and I found that even after I installed the Add-on Compatibility Reporter extension, allowing me to enable them again, that I was unable to turn on the extension’s functionality. Essentially, the Perapera-kun icon was a dead button.

    I do not know if other users have had the same experience, but that is my account.

  2. Its really good to hear that this will be an open source project. I am very interesting in cooperate with you on this. I have experience in both programming and learning languages.

    My native language is spanish but I speak english and I am pretty advanced on chinese too.

    I’ve been programming on C# .NET, but I am willing to learn whatever it is that you use to write your code.

    This tool has been really useful to me that I’d be really happy helping to get it better.

    Please let me know what I need to do to be part of the project.

    Thanks and by the way sorry about your computer!

  3. I just “upgraded” to FF 4.0.1 and Perakun Chinese doesn’t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled Perakun and it still doesn’t work. Get an error message that says it doesn;t work with FF 4.0.1,

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