Temporary Update

In the Box.net applet on the left I uploaded versions that will install and work on Firefox 3.5 but without any of the new features, so this is just a temporary fix until the real version is released.

15 thoughts on “Temporary Update

  1. To install the new Perapera-kun with Firefox 3.5, just drag the icon for the xpi file onto the Firefox icon. So, what I did was to install the xpi file onto my desktop, then I dragged it on top of the Firefox icon that was also on my desktop and that started the install process and it works.

    There are web sites that have other ways that seem to me a bit more complicated but you can try them, too:


  2. Having trouble downloading within China because:

    1. wordpress.com is blocked
    2. tor, which can get around the block, doesn’t load up flash so I can’t see the box.net applet

    Can you just post the link for the download?

  3. Hi, I couldn’t find your email address,but wanted to ask:
    Is it possible for you to do a version of Perapera that has Cantonese pronunciations? This would be killer in my studies.
    There are free dictionaries available, so I do not think it would be hard technically.

    If I can do anything, let me know

    Thanks for the Japanese and Mandarin versions

  4. Hello,

    I am having a hard time installing. I am running FF 3.5.2.

    I can download the file, and when I try to load it into FF, I get a Install Add-on window, which I click Install. Then I get the following error message window.

    Firefox could not install the file at
    because: Not a valid install package



    1. Thank you!

      Something was preventing FF from downloading. I’m not really sure what was happening. It appeared to download just fine but it was only 2kb in size. I successfully downloaded it with IE.

      After that, it installed and works just fine. 🙂


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