Perapera Chinese Popup Dictonary
Google Chrome

Perapera Japanese Popup Dictonary
Google Chrome (coming soon!)

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3 thoughts on “Plugins

  1. Hi Justin,

    I plan to make a Chinese dictionary with ruby, and I’d like to ask you some questions about designing it because I think your add-on works incredibly efficiently. There’s no lag (that I can observe) in between highlighting a character and getting its information.

    I was wondering how you converted the CEDict numbered pinyin tones to their more readable counterparts. Did you, for example, convert every instance of ao3 to ǎo with a hash? Do you do this on every call to the backend (more efficient, design-wise, I think) or did you transform them all with a script before loading them?

    Also, every time a character/phrase is highlighted, does it make a call to a database, or is the entire CEDict stored on the user’s browser?


  2. Hi Justin,
    is there a way to download the Chrome Chinese plugin from an alternative source? You know every Google site is permanently blocked in mainland China….

  3. Justin, I’m begging you, make a Chinese-Russian pop-up dictionary. It would be soooooo great!
    thanks for English version anyway.

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