Please donate to support the Perapera plugins

Are you a regular user of our Chinese and/or Japanese plugins? Do you wish to see them continue to be updated into the future?

We get daily emails and messages from people requesting improvements and bug fixes. This is great and we are happy that many people still value our plugins. Unfortunately, we can’t continue development work without your support.

Without boring you with the details, we have hired freelancers for the last couple of updates. One way or another, development comes at a cost.

Please make a donation now to support our project.

6 thoughts on “Please donate to support the Perapera plugins

  1. Have you considered making your project open source by putting it e. g. on github? Even though it might decrease profits from donations, it could be rewarding to make this ultimate present to all those interested in the plugin and its well-being; including those who are interesting in improving or extending it.

    1. Hi Felix. It’s actually already on Github. And we really don’t get many donations these days in any case. Thanks for your message. 🙂

  2. Yeah I think I donated, I’m not sure.

    What about this Firefox 57 stuff? What’s involved? You say it’s on github? Where? I use this thing constantly.

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