UrduPod101 Coupon Codes

UrduPod101 Coupon Code

Learning to speak Urdu can be a rewarding venture, considering there are almost 70 million native speakers and over 100 million L2 speakers worldwide!  UrduPod101 is the best online Urdu learning program that we reviewed (click here to read our full review of UrduPod101!), and fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one thanks to these epic UrduPod101 coupon codes.


UrduPod101 Promotions

The best part is that both new and existing users of UrduPod101 qualify for these amazing promos.

Note: We have verified that all codes work as of October, 2021. Please contact us if you have issues snagging your deal.


30% Off UrduPod101 Coupon

Click this link and your 30% discount is automatically applied. This promo can save you up to $165 off regular subscription rates for a two-year contract. (See screenshot below)

UrduPod101 Coupon 30 Screenshot


UrduPod101—60% Promo Code

This deal is understandably kept under wraps by Innovative Language, but luckily we’ve uncovered it for you. Simply pay a one-time fee for a Lifetime subscription to UrduPod101. It’s true—you get lifetime access without having to worry about monthly payments. This can save you up to 60% off regular rates when you use the program for five years (see screenshot from promo page below).

UrduPod101 Coupon 60 Screenshot


UrduPod101—77% Promo Code

Another subscription plan kept under the radar is the Three-Language Lifetime subscription. Again, pay just once and you get lifetime access to three languages of your choosing. This plan can save 77% off regular rates when used for five years (see screenshot below)

UrduPod101 Coupon 77 Screenshot


UrduPod101 Coupon—How it Works

New UrduPod101 Users

1. Choose which epic deal is right for you.
2. Pick your plan—Basic, Premium, or PremiumPLUS are the monthly options. We will cover them later.
3. Set up payment details. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal are accepted forms of payment.
4. Choose how long to subscribe, keeping in mind longer subscriptions yield more savings.
5. Verify your account and begin learning to speak Urdu.

Current UrduPod101 Users

1. Sign in to your UrduPod101 account and come back to this page.
2. Pick the best deal for you.
3. Claim your discount by following the remaining steps.


Are These Promos Available Everywhere?

Yes, you only need access to the internet to snag these promos.


Which Plan to Choose?


Choose the Basic plan if:

• funds are tight
• you want to learn quick phrases for travel or work
• you aren’t ready to commit to learning Urdu just yet


Choose the Premium plan if:

• you prefer learning tools like flashcards in addition to your video and audio lessons
• you would like to be quizzed over lessons
• you plan to become fluent in Urdu


Choose the PremiumPLUS plan if:

• one-on-one instruction appeals to you
• you want regular assessments
• personalized assignments and learning plans appeal to you

If you are still unsure, you can try out the Premium plan for just $1 for your first month by clicking the link below and signing up. After your initial signup, the next page will offer you the $1 trial.


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