VietnamesePod101 Coupon Code

VietnamesePod101 Coupon Codes

The VietnamesePod101 coupon codes below have been tested to work as of October 18th, 2021.

Please let us know if you find any of the codes aren’t working.


VietnamesePod101 Coupon Codes (Verified October, 2021)

If you are considering learning to speak Vietnamese, check out our review of VietnamesePod101 by Innovative Languages. Now, you can start your journey of learning Vietnamese with one of the most comprehensive programs at a big discount.

30% Off VietnamesePod101

Save up to $165 off a two-year subscription with this VietnamesePod101 discount code. Your 30% discount is automatically applied when you use the link below.

New and current VietnamesePod101 subscribers are eligible for this offer. 


60% Off VietnamesePod101

This is a special lifetime account offer, and the 60% discount is based on using the program for 5 years (if you use it longer, your actual discount will be more). This one is good if you know you’ll be using the program for a while, and don’t like monthly payments.

77% Off VietnamesePod101

This is another unadvertised lifetime offer. If you buy lifetime accounts for 3 languages, you get all 3 for 77% off (based on 5 years of paying regular price, though you have access to them forever).


How to Use the VietnamesePod101 Coupon Code

New VietnamesePod101 Users

It is so simple to get your discount for VietnamesePod101. The following steps will lead you through signing up.

1. First, Choose Your Discount Code.

Click on one of the blue buttons in the section above. You will then be taken to VietnamesePod101 to choose your monthly plan. Keep in mind that your discount has already been applied to the prices.

VietnamesePod101 Discount Applied Screenshot

2. Choose your Plan

Check out the features the different subscription plans offer and choose which one works for you. Available options include Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS, and we will cover these in detail later on.

3. Enter Payment Information

For your convenience, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal are all accepted forms of payment. Enter this information along with a current billing address.

4. Choose the Subscription Length

You can choose a subscription length from as little as a month up to two years. The longer the length of your subscription, the more money you will save off the monthly cost. Coupled with the 30% discount, you can save a lot of money.

5. Verify your Account

Once you provide a valid email address and verify your account, you can begin studying with VietnamesePod101.


Current VietnamesePod101 Subscribers

If you’ve already signed up with VietnamesePod101, you can activate any of the discounts above by simply clicking the links after you’ve logged into your account.


VietnamesePod101 Sample Video Lesson

Are these discounts valid in every country?

Yes! You can use the 30% discount code anywhere you can access VietnamesePod101.


Should you Choose Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS?


With the Basic plan, you have access to the entire library of lessons. Use your iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop for your studies. You will also be able to print PDFs for later review when you do not have access to the internet. New lessons are being added continuously. Opt for the Basic subscription if you:

  • are on a tight budget
  • want to learn a basic amount of Vietnamese to get by
  • want to test the waters to be sure Vietnamese is for you


The Premium plan has the Basic plan features plus HD video, comprehensive word and phrase lists, interactive learning tools, word-of-the-day emails, voice-recording, flashcards, and daily lessons and tests. Opt for the Premium plan if you:

  • want more learning tools
  • plan to become fluent in Vietnamese
  • want to keep track of your progress with periodic assessments
  • want to have conversations with Vietnamese friends or family
  • want to better understand Vietnamese movies, music and culture

Premium PLUS

The Premium PLUS subscription offers all features of VietnamesePod101. It builds on all the Premium plan features including one-on-one instruction, professional assessments and personal learning pathways. Opt for Premium PLUS if you:

  • prefer to speak with an instructor one-on-one
  • want a personal learning plan
  • want to keep track of your progress with professional assessments

Still haven’t decided? Check out our in depth review of the program.

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