Perapera Japanese 9.0 Finished!

Sorry it’s taken this long, but the updated Perapera popup dictionary plugin for Japanese is now finished and has been approved by Mozilla.

Bugs fixed, broken features in latest Firefox unbroken, and the same popup themes the Chinese Plugin users have enjoyed have now been added along with the ability to customize the colors. Enjoy!

Look forward to everyone’s feedback. More good things to come soon!

16 thoughts on “Perapera Japanese 9.0 Finished!

  1. Hey for some reason the Perapera kun icon is missing from Customize option of FF at bottom right? How do I fix this?

    I tried the Chinese Perapera kun, same problem.

      1. Iā€™m having this problem also. Mac OS 10.7.4, Firefox 12.0. I’ve used peraperakun before (on a different computer) and it was fantastic—I hope I can get it working again. Thanks!

  2. The pop-ups don’t seem to “un-pop.” In other words, after I hover above a word and get the pop-up, the pop-up doesn’t disappear after my arrow leaves that word. I have to click on a blank space to get the pop-up to disappear. Is there a way to fix this? Nevertheless, thank you for your great product.

  3. Do you yet have a version of the Japanese names dictionary that will work with this version? I can’t find one anywhere. It’s a VERY important function for Perapera Japanese and really should’ve been included with the initial release of 9.0.

    Please, at least add a status of this dictionary to the OP so we have some idea of when it will be available.

    As always, we are very grateful for your work on this project and we highly recommend it. If you ever need help, you have but to ask.

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