Perapera Chinese 9.0 Finished!

You asked for it and now it’s here. After being out for most of the past 6 weeks, finally had some time to sit down and finish the Perapera Chinese 9.0 update. The main update, as expected, is the ability to customize the tone colors. The default ones I put in there were what showed up on my Pleco app, but I know people wanted to use other colors as well, so here it is:

Also in this update:

  • Latest entries from the CC-CEDICT as of 1/7/12
  • Fixed the clipboard copy bug to now copy what you would expect
  • Removed some lingering references to the lookupbar which has long since been removed
It is the Mozilla extension review queue, so should be updating for everyone very soon. Look forward to your feedback!
Update: It’s now approved and available here.

33 thoughts on “Perapera Chinese 9.0 Finished!

  1. Really enjoy your plug-in, and it is a fantastic study tool for my Chinese learning. I have the following few recommendations to further the plug-in: 1)ability to click on either Reading or Meaning in the wordlist in order to sort according to pinyin or meaning. Infinite verbs may need sorted by the first letter of the verb and not “to” 2) In order to do this, the definitions must show up! I am looking at my word list now and ?? only shows the ? character and the meaning column is completely blank. ?? only has ? and a “c” in the meaning column. ~~~~~The wordlist is my favorite feature of the program. I surf the net and add new words as I go, but my wordlist is huge and it is hard to find words now. I think overhauling the wordlist would be an excellent change to Perapera Chinese. Last but not least we really appreciate your hard work! p.s. much looking forward to the Korean version!

    1. Realized that characters show up as ? here! I meant can ku = cruel only had the ku character show up and a lone “c” in the meaning column and zhi jing = diameter had only jing show up and nothing in the meaning column. Many more words are strangely affected like this. Perhaps just my machine?

  2. Awesome add-on, exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I would currently like to change is the way other forms of characters are displayed. It would look neater if the pop-up window displayed those forms in parentheses, for instance: ????-) or ????-?, rather the way it currently does. Any chance this could be implemented in the next update?

    P.S.: how frequently do you update the CC-CEDICT base?

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 We are always happy to get people’s feedback so we can improve the plugins and make language learning easier!

  3. Installed the plugin but for some reason it didn’t come with the chn-en dictionary. It did find the japanese dictionary file that I dl-ed for rikaichan but I cannot seem to get the up-to-date chinese english dictionary file. Where can I get the file?

    1. Sorry for such a late reply. The Chinese-English dictionary is included in the plugin. Check whether your browser is updated and if you have any conflicting plugins installed. Let me know if you have any more problems with this.

  4. I just discovered that Perpera knows who Cui Jian and Wang Fei are; I LOL’d. That’s cool…Thanks for making this!

    1. Matt: Sorry but we unfortunately have our full-time jobs to attend to. That said, we are working on a significant update right now.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Actually I’m really not asking for much, but just more regular updates of CC-CEDICT database… Even once a month would be great and I’m sure it wouldn’t take more than 10 mins.

    I’d appreciate it.

        1. Basically the next update should make the upgrades automatic so it will get easier in future (it takes more than 10 minutes). Sorry for the wait but please bear with us!

  6. I wanted to echo the poster above– having Rikaichan enabled as an add-on seems to be confusing the Perapera add-on and only allows for pop-up translation in Japanese. Looks like a great resource, though! Please keep up the great work!

    1. There’s not much we can do about that I’m afraid. If Rikaichan is causing the conflict then maybe you need to turn it off when you use PeraPera.

  7. Ive installed this add on on my firefox so many times and it just doesnt work. I dont know what ive done wrong. please help

  8. Hi,
    Perapera works really well for me. I am using the wordlist feature to save unknown words and then create flash cards in Mnemosyne. I just created a post href=””>My Five Favorite Tools to Learn Chinese Characters featuring Perapera on my blog.
    Thanks for your fantastic tool and keep up the good work.

  9. I noticed it says you “removed references to the Lookupbar but I still see 2 settings in the General tab:

    – Automatically use selected text in Lookupbar
    – Show Lookupbar at the bottom

    Are those still relevant?

    Thanks for the great work!

  10. -Any chance we’ll be getting the ability to change tone colors for the Chrome version?
    -Perapera doesn’t recognize characters in text fields. That would be very useful.

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