JapanesePod101 Coupon Codes

JapanesePod101 Coupon Code

These JapanesePod101 coupon codes have been tested and confirmed to work as of Feb 12th, 2023.

Japanese is a dynamic language spoken by about 128 million people, mostly in Japan. It is also a challenging language, especially if you’re learning on your own!

Fortunately, with an abundance of great Japanese courses available, there has never been a better time to learn Japanese than now. In our opinion, JapanesePod101 is the most well thought out and fun language learning program out there (Read our full JapanesePod101 review to find out why!).

Plus you can now get an excellent rate why you buy with JapanesePod101 promo codes when you enter the JapanesePod101 coupons at checkout.

Both new and existing customers can take advantage of these 77%, 60% and 30% promo codes for JapanesePod101.

77% or 60% Off Promo Codes for JapanesePod101 (Premium Membership Only)

Click the blue button below to access the secret sales page and read more about the 60% or 77% lifetime discount offer and japanesepod101 promo codes (the best discount available). This unadvertised promotion might not be for everyone, as the up-front subscription cost is high, but if you plan on studying long-term then it’s a great way to save a good bundle when you buy through the sales page (with promo codes already entered).

JapanesePod101 Coupon 60 77 screenshot

30% Off (Any Membership) JapanesePod101 Coupon Code for 2022

Here is the discount code to activate your JapanesePod101 lifetime account and get up to $165 off (based on a 24-month PremiumPlus subscription – both the premium subscription & basic subscriptions are cheaper). Your 30% discount code is automatically applied to your subscription plans at checkout when you sign up using the link below:

JapanesePod101 Coupon 30 order page screenshot

Existing JapanesePod101 users can also receive the discount by using the promo code. Read on for more information on using it with your account.

How to use the JapanesePod101 Coupon Code

First-Time Users

Snagging your discount for JapanesePod101 is as easy as 1-2-3. Even so, we have listed the steps and included pictures, so you can easily follow along and get the best deals for all subscription plans.

1. Click here for your JapanesePod101 Discount Code

You will be directed to JapanesePod101 site. Please note that the discount coupon has already been applied to the listed prices.

2. Choose your Subscription Plan

Here, you will be asked to choose from a JapanesePod101 Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS subscription plans. Each monthly subscription plan will be covered in more detail later in this article.

japanesepod101 choose subscription level1

3. Enter Payment Info

Next, you will enter your payment information including your verified billing address. Accepted forms of payments include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

japanesepod101 enter your info

4. Choose a Subscription Term

Then, you will choose the length of your subscription from one to 24 months at checkout. The monthly charge for JapanesePod101 drops significantly the longer your subscription length. Coupled with your 30% discount code, you can save loads of money by opting for a longer membership for JapanesePod101.

japanesepod101 choose sub term

5. Verify Your Account

Finally, you will be directed to enter your email address and verify your account. You can now begin one of the most in-depth programs for learning how to speak Japanese and master the language online.

Existing JapanesePod101 Users

If you are already enjoying learning the Japanese language and culture online with the JapanesePod101 content, you are eligible to save, using codes, coupons, promotions, and offers. Follow the steps below to take advantage of this offer.

1. First, you must log in to your JapanesePod101 account.

2. After you’re logged in, come back to this page and click on our discount code link:

3. You will then be asked to choose your subscription plan. This is an excellent time to upgrade to Premium or Premium PLUS if you have been using the Basic monthly subscription plan.

4. Next, you will be asked to update or verify your payment information and choose the length of your subscription. As mentioned, the monthly cost for JapanesePod101 is cheaper when you sign up for a longer period of time (in addition to when you apply the JapanesePod101 promo code).

5. Once you click “Complete” at the bottom of your screen, you will be able to continue enjoying JapanesePod101 as you were or with your upgraded features (with coupons now applied).

Does the JapanesePod101 Coupon Code Work Everywhere?

Yes! You can use these promo codes for JapanesePod101 from anywhere you have access to the internet.

JapanesePod101 by Innovative Language is the leading language learning program in many areas around the globe. This truly exemplifies the phrase learning-on-the-go.

Should I Choose Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS Subscription?


The Basic monthly subscription grants you access to the extensive video and audio lesson library. Download and print PDFs of your lessons to study over later. You will be able to access JapanesePod101 basic on desktop, laptop, Android, iPhone or iPad and you will have access to hundreds of core words and phrases every month.

Opt for the Basic monthly subscription if you:

  • have limited funds to spend
  • would like to “test the waters” to see if you want to learn Japanese more in-depth
  • would like to learn key phrases and terms to get along while traveling to Japan


The Premium monthly subscription includes all the same features in the Basic subscription plus interactive lesson quizzes & interactive learning tools. You’ll receive full access to flashcards, HD video, thousands of core words and phrases, daily Japanese lessons, voice-recording tools, audio dictionary and grammar bank.

Opt for the most popular  Premium monthly subscription if you:

  • have tried the Basic subscription and would like more in-depth study materials
  • want to be quizzed on what you have learned
  • want to work toward becoming fluent in Japanese
  • want to understand Japanese movies or music or converse with Japanese-speaking friends
  • enjoy daily lessons and tips to keep new material fresh in your mind

Premium PLUS

The Premium PLUS subscription is the best way to immerse yourself in all things Japanese. You will have complete access to video and audio lesson libraries, as well as one-on-one access to a native Japanese speaking teacher.

Other features included with the Premium PLUS subscription include everything included with the Premium subscription plus ongoing professional assessments, personalized learning plans and personal assignments.

Consider opting for the Premium PLUS monthly subscription if you:

  • plan to become a fluent Japanese speaker for business or personal reasons
  • enjoy the convenience of one-on-on instruction
  • would like to know where you stand with professional assessments
  • want a learning plan designed especially for you (not limited to a set syllabus)

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Subscription

We are so glad you have signed up with JapanesePod101 to begin your journey to Japanese fluency. Whether you are just starting out or continuing on your adventure (with a better rate using our coupons, of course,) the following tips can help you make the most out of your subscription and study time.

  1. Carve out daily time to study. Even 30 minutes a day is helpful when learning a language.
  2. Opt-in on Word of the Day and Daily Lesson emails for daily refreshers.
  3. Use downtime driving in traffic or riding the subway to listen to Japanese Podcasts.
  4. Print lessons and read over them when you cannot watch or listen to them.
  5. Use all learning tools in your subscription for different approaches to learning.
  6. Ask your teacher questions – Premium PLUS subscribers.
  7. Keep track of your progress on your dashboard, and earn points.
  8. Seek out groups, watch movies, and listen to music or podcasts in Japanese to enhance understanding.
  9. Invite your friends to use this discount code offer, too, so you can learn Japanese together.

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