Perapera kun 2.0
Updated 16.11.2009 (Firefox 3.5  Release)

Perapera kun is a pop-up dictionary ands study tool for Japanese and Chinese.

New features for this release are detailed in this post.


1) Download the plugin:

Perapera-kun 2.1

2) Install a dictionary plugin.



Japanese Names (Optional)

How to use – the basics

1. Click the cute little star in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Select which language you want by choosing a flag.

4) You should then see the message “Perapera-kun enabled!” in the top left of the screen. Useful shortcuts are listed.

5) Hover the mouse over the word you want to look up and the definition will appear instantly.  See thumbnails below.


Chinese support now comes in the  same extension, see this post for more.

Also if anyone has any ideas for other features to add or problems please visit the forum:

Perapera kun forum