IndonesianPod101 Coupon Codes

IndonesianPod101 Promo Codes

Indonesian is a fun and easy language to learn. But it can be expensive if you choose the wrong online course! That’s where we come in. Be sure to use these IndonesianPod101 promo codes to start learning Indonesian at a huge discount.

Want to know more about the program? Check out our detailed review of IndonesianPod101 first.


IndonesianPod101 Coupon Codes, Tested and Verified: February, 2022

These IndonesianPod101 coupon codes have been tested to work as of February 17th, 2022.

If you find any of the links below are broken or the coupons don’t work, please let us know.


IndonesianPod101 Price with Promo

30% Off Promo Code for IndonesianPod101

Here is your IndonesianPod101 discount code. Your 30% discount is automatically applied and you can save up to $165 off a two-year subscription. Valid for Premium and Basic subscriptions.

Click here to sign up now.

All new and existing IndonesianPod101 subscribers can use this offer. Detailed information on activating your discount is outlined below.


60% or 77% Off IndonesianPod101 Promotion

Use the link below to get either 60% off or 77% off an IndonesianPod101 lifetime account — the discount depends on which offer you choose (1 language or 3 languages). This offer is for Premium Only (not Basic or PremiumPlus).


IndonesianPod101 Lifetime Account Promotion
Screenshot from this promotion page



How to Use the IndonesianPod101 Coupon Code

New IndonesianPod101 Users

It has never been easier to snag your 30% off IndonesianPod101. Follow these steps through signing up.

1. First, click here for the IndonesianPod101 Discount Code.

You will be directed to IndonesianPod101 to choose your subscription plan. Your 30% discount has already been applied to the cost.

2. Choose your Plan

Pick a plan that best suits your needs between Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS. Each plan will be covered in detail later on.

3. Enter Payment Information

Multiple payment methods are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. You will need to enter this information along with your billing address.

4. Choose the Subscription Length

The length of your subscription can be from as little as a month up to two years. The longer you sign up, the more money you will save off the monthly cost.

5. Verify your Account

Verify your account through your valid email address and begin studying with IndonesianPod101.


Current IndonesianPod101 Subscribers

If you are already a subscriber to IndonesianPod101, you can still take advantage of these promo codes by simply logging in to your account, then clicking any of the blue button links above. The discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.


Does the IndonesianPod101 Promo Code Work Everywhere?

Yes! Use these promo codes anywhere you have internet access and can use IndonesianPod101.


Should you Choose Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS?


The Basic plan grants access to the complete library of both audio and video lessons. You can download our app or use your laptop for the program. Print PDFs to review when you do not have access to the internet. New lessons are being added each week. Opt for the Basic subscription if you:

  • have limited funds
  • want to learn Indonesian for an upcoming travel or business trip
  • want to try the program out before committing to a more expensive subscription



The Premium plan has everything the Basic plan features plus interactive learning tools, voice recording, HD video, comprehensive word and phrase lists, word-of-the-day emails, flashcards, and daily lessons and tests. Opt for the Premium plan if you:

  • want more learning tools than what’s offered with the Basic subscription
  • are pursuing fluency in Indonesian
  • like the idea of periodic testing to check your progress
  • want to speak in Indonesian with friends or family
  • want to begin understanding Indonesian movies, music and culture


Premium PLUS

The Premium PLUS subscription offers unlimited access to all features of IndonesianPod101. It builds on all the Premium plan features and goes further by including one-on-one instruction, professional assessments and personal learning pathways. Opt for Premium PLUS if you:

  • want to be able to ask the instructor questions
  • prefer a completely personalized learning plan catered to your needs
  • want to keep track of your progress with ongoing assessments


Tips to Get the Most out of your Subscription

Learning to speak Indonesian can be challenging, so we made this list of tips so you can get the most out of your studies. We are so excited you’ve chosen to learn to speak Indonesian with IndonesianPod101.

1. Carve out 30 minutes every day to study.
2. Take advantage of all the interactive learning tools at your fingertips in IndonesianPod101.
3. Listen to podcasts in your car or while waiting in lines.
4. Print out materials to study when you do not have access to go online.
5. Opt-in to receive word of the day emails, and try to use the new word throughout the day.
6. Measure your progress in your dashboard.
7. Inquire of your personal instructor when needed — for Premium PLUS members.
8. Learn with friends by clicking below (IndonesianPod101 discount code).

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