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Chinesepera-kun’s Next Release…

I have been recently working on updating the dictionary and search for better results. I have to to a place now where there are good results and am about done and ready to release. This will the be the last update for a long time so if there is anything anyone wants changed/included please leave a comment. Main changes are:

  • Rewrote search code so it should be about twice as fast now.
  • Updated the dictionary file, so now theres more entries (hence the faster search was needed).
  • Traditional characters are now supported in browsing and exporting, just choose traditional hanzi in the options menu.(simplified is the default)
  • Added the option to see more results displayed, by choosing “Show More Results” in the options dialog. (off by default)
  • Stripped out the japanese kanji related info.
  • In place of that japanese related info window, if you press it will magnify the hanzi.

Some people have complained about the japanese kanji window being removed, I dont know why, most the information was irrelevant, but if its something everyone wants back I will put it back..leave a comment.

OR if you want the same thing with chinese character information there is the UNIHAN dictionary which holds that information but is 30MB in size…so it would make the extension huge. It contains alot of information that has to do with Japanese and Korean so if someone wants to make a processed version of that file with only the chinese info cherry picked, and sent it to me I can implement that. Or I could try to make it as an optional add-on (much like the names dictionary for the japanese version). Up to you…I dont personally need so I dont plan to add it.

Any other feature requests ?? Leave a comment.

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1 comment

ecoice November 12, 2006 at 11:12 am

Do you have any idea how much I love this update?

It’s absolutely perfect. Everything else you had was just extra stuff that wasn’t needed.

I love this extension so much.

Thank you x 1million

Love x 1trillion


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