Perapera Chinese Pop-up Dictionary 8.0

The BEST plugin for students of Chinese!

Browse Chinese websites with this handy set of training wheels. Read articles in Chinese and quickly see the pronunciation and definition of new words as you encounter them. Just point your mouse to the word you want to see and it will popup with your preferred pronunciation format, and the definition.

Full page translation won’t help your Chinese get any better, but with this you can lookup and save words instantly without leaving the page or consulting a dictionary. One word at a time you can conquer reading Chinese fluency, we did 🙂

Here are the main features and updates:

The plugin comes with Chinese-English already installed, but you can install additional dictionaries with the following links:

  • Chinese-German HanDeDict Dictionary (optional)
  • Chinese-French CFDICT Dictionary (optional)
  • If you have multiple dictionaries, you can cycle through them with SHIFT key
  • Supports Simplified and Traditional characters (display either or both)
  • Pinyin with tone numbers or tone marks or Zhuyin (Bopomofo) for pronunciation
  • Shows the Hanzi using tonal colors (one color for each tone) to aid memorizing
  • Save words to a manageable Wordlist and export them later to Anki etc. for studying

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70 thoughts on “Perapera Chinese Pop-up Dictionary 8.0

  1. sorry, I try to download the Chinese-English Dictionary but

    I cannot, and this message comes out

    “This user is out of bandwidth.
    Please email for support or upgrade for more bandwidth”

    do u have any other links to donlod this one?

    Thx before ^^

  2. Hi la mogura:

    This programme is excellent. But I really don’t like to have the comunist party flag. It makes me remember the supression and the suffering of chinese people. Paradogiacaly, the communist party have even tryed to replace the chinese caracters by western abc. Is it possible to have a non-political symbole?

    Sorry, this probably isn’t a big mutter for you and others. But I may not be the only one that is touched with this.

  3. The national flag of the PRC used to bother me also, but he reality of the situation is they were the ones who developed the simplified characters, are now members of the UN, and they have a country of over 1.2 million people. They are here to stay and aren’t going anywhere, Just get over it and embrace your inner communist.


    1. I suggest not to embrace your “inner communist” and to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party by The Epoch Times. They can be view for free in English and Chinese at

      Since being published in Dec. 2004 over 72,658,033 people have resigned from the Chinese Communist Party. You can learn more at Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party,

  4. Hey guys,

    Great job with the consolidation of the languages on this program. I do have one question though regarding hot key usage for this new updated version.

    It appears that with this new version of perakun, the only way to activate it is to click on the little star at the bottom of the browser. I remember that with the old version, whenever I saw Chinese text displayed, I used to be able to just right click + press ‘k’ to toggle perakun on and off. This was an extremely convenient feature of your program.

    Has this feature been eliminated altogether? If so, have you guys considered bringing it back?

    1. If the layout of the Mandarin-Chinese section uses simplified characters and hàn?y??p?n?y?n?, then it makes the most sense to use the PRC’s flag. However, I think it would be nice to give Taiwanese and overseas-Chinese users the option of using traditional characters with bopomofo (zhù?y?nfúhào)?, represented by the flag of the ROC or Guó?mín?d?ng?. They could use the same Mandarin dictionary, simply with a different character-set and phonetic annotation.

  5. hey there, i installed a version of perakun this summer and was faszinated by this little convenient tool. but now that i up dated firefox it wont work anymore. i tried everything that came to my mind. including disabeling the perakun addon and installing the new version. on my windows it sais it’s readily installed and i could only disable it again, further more it worked for two days and then the star disappeared. has any one an idea what steps i could take to change this?
    thanks ahead

    1. I’ve had similar problems. Disabling McAfee virus checker also didn’t help. Neither did various cookie options. The developer emailed me 28/12/08 and was hoping to release a better version very soon. Good luck.

  6. Helpful for navigating in Chinese websites. Some buttons cannot me translated by the Google tool and Peraper-kun bridges this gap.

    1. Dear NoToes,

      I’m writing my thesis and am using your extremely interesting article as one of my sources. However I don’t have enough information to reference you. Could you please help me out? You have no idea how long I’m searching for this, ebcause I really want to use the article as a source. Or maybe you can share your sources to me (especially the source which connects buddhism and taoism with Chinese cyclical thinking).


  7. very helpful plug-in, we wrote on post about it and introduced it to our students and readers, here

  8. Hi, I can’t seem to add anything to my wordlist when I press “S”. I’m using the Chinese Perapera-kun.
    Also when I select “Show/Hide Wordlist”, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?



  9. This new version really fixes a lot of minor annoyances and bugs, like being unable to switch dictionaries!

    However, I have one problem with the plugin — somehow the French dictionary doesn’t seem to be working. When I switch between dictionaries, the French dictionary is the same as the English dictionary. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything, but it didn’t work. Any ideas?

  10. Hi again,

    I just realized that when I download the French dictionary, it’s only 35kb. Is there some error? The other languages are a few mb at least.

  11. I’m having trouble using the program since the update. My Firefox toolbar options for Perapera consist of two Lookupbars (one is colored, one is b/w, both seem to do nothing), the Perapera Chinese Lookup (a search window), and a long row of 20 web widgets (ie. right/left arrows, print button, refresh button, etc.) that are listed with the name “Perapera Chinese” and provide the option of showing/hiding wordlist as well as opening up the Perapera options menu. The original star that I could click to turn Perapera off & on is nowhere to be found 🙁 . I’ve restarted a couple times, removed the program and reinstalled it, but all to no avail. Is there something I’m not doing properly?

  12. Perapera-kun automatically updated to the latest version but now ignores the already installed Japanese-English dictionary. The list of dictionaries in the Perapera-kun options only lists the Chinese-English dictionary that comes with the download. The “Download…” button in the dictionary list just browses to this Chinese page with no links for any other language like Japanese. Re-installing the latest Japanese-English dictionary from the Japanese menu item on this site has no effect.

    How do I re-enable the Japanese-English dictionary, or from where do I download a version that is compatible with this latest version of Perapera-kun? I need the Japanese-English dictionary every day but do not use the Chinese-English dictionary at all.

    1. We have split the plugin into two plugins, one for Chinese and one for Japanese. The Japanese plugin is nearly done and will be released soon! For the time being, I suggest you uninstall the plugin and download the old one to use until the new Japanese add-on comes out. Sorry to keep you waiting.

      1. Thank you for the reply. That’s what I’ll do then. This is truly a great project and is fundamentally useful to many of us out here.

        However, I am dismayed be an automated update process that eliminates a major branch of users (Japanese) with no warning what so ever. You definitely want to consider changing that process to inform the user that the automatic update will wipe out any Japanese functions so the user can decide whether to update or not.

        Why was the project bifurcated? One of the major hallmarks was: One plugin, many languages as dictionaries and add-ons.

        I’m looking forward to the Japanese version. Thanks for the work on this project.

        1. Hi Curtis. It’s a long story but for various reasons we decided it was better for our users and for dictionary management etc to split them into two add-ons again.You are actually in a minority of users who use what was originally an add-on for Chinese only, hence the confusion (sorry, our bad). If you download the old Japanese one here it will automatically update when a new release becomes available. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully things will be easier from here on in.

          1. I was also dismayed by the bifurcation. I used both the Chinese and Japanese dictionaries a lot, and I really liked the fact that one plugin did both. I will probably roll back.

            But thanks for your work in producing perapera, it’s been very useful, an amazing tool.

          2. Hi Frank. Sorry for the inconvenience…we actually use both too but thought it best to concentrate on them as separate plugins (dictionaries etc were a pain).. The new Japanese plugin is coming soon though. Thanks for your comment 🙂

          3. I’d like to hear the specifics of this long story and the difficulties raised by dictionary formats. I’m something of an old hand when it comes to marrying a variety of formats through an application.

            The website forum does not allow you to either login or post. Is there another forum that can be used for more detailed discussion?

  13. The new version is great!
    I would like just to suggest a modification: It would be nice if the colored words would follow the standard pattern:
    1st tone: red
    2nd Tone: yellow
    3rd tone: green
    4th tone: blue

    Is it possible to change it?

    Thanks, I love this plugin!

    1. Thanks for your comment! At the moment it is not possible to change the colors but we are considering making a customization feature if enough people ask for it.

  14. hi there

    great progi and good improvements in general. but cannot seem to install german dict (for chinese) in the new version anymore. says: “add-on korrumpiert” –> corrupted.
    any idea, how i can fix this?
    help is greatly appreciated.

    greets from switzerland

  15. Yes, I too would like to have additional concurrent dictionaries. And, like Wallace, I put my vote in for Pleco.

    Also, I support xiame22’s request for the appropriate colouring of the Pinyin.

    And, yes, it would be great if you (Admin) would be more communicative. Please!

  16. Thank you for supplying ???? (for those not familiar with it, it’s the best way to learn Chinese), a Taiwan flag (would have deleted it if I had to look at the PRC flag), and for translating things accurately like “Douban, PRC social networking website” rather than calling it simply “Chinese” which would be vague, even misleading.

    You’ve made a great reading tool. It’s very kind of you to make it available for free. If I wasn’t unemployed, I would donate! Thank you : )

  17. There used to be a star icon in the toolbar that I could click on to turn perakun on or off. It’s not there anymore. There’s now a scroll down menu with the options show/hide wordlist and optioons… none of these actually turn on the app. rendering it completely useless. Can somebody please tell me how to turn it on now, or how to get the star icon back.

    1. hey omnibot,

      I’ve had the same problem with the star disappearing ; no idea what happened . if you find a solution, I’d be very interested to find out as well!


  18. Please fix the compatibility issues so that I can continue to use it with Firefox 40. It stopped working after I upgraded from Firefox 39.

  19. I was forced and also many other users of Firefox 43, I searched help and I found it on the page that I will add here under ‘website’. Problem on Firefox 43 is that plugins and extensions since that version, it by Firefox must be able to be verified, if not it disable each time. So if you have trouble on Firefox 43 with that, you can fix that following the guiding on the website I give.

  20. Great tool when it works, but a little useless on many Chinese websites like taobao, baidu etc. since the pop up windows appear behind the page..

  21. Hi,

    I tried to install the french dictionary as extension to perapera Chinese, but I cannot access it, neither see it under option-Dictionary in perapera settings.

    I download and install CFDICT, restart Firefox, but even if I got confirmation and being asked to restart firefox, the extension is not available.

    Any idea and/or suggestion?

  22. I have a problem where the Wordlist does not remove words I previously deleted. The same set of words keep showing regardless of the number of times I delete the words. New words that I added would not be included in the Wordlist. Have tried to uninstall and reinstall Perapera but this did not help.


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