Chinese Pera-kun 1.01…err I mean…1.02

Hello all,

I got a whole bunch of emails asking for traditional character support, which I fully intended to release soon but didnt have time to code when I was rushing to get something out for the FF3 release. I had some time in a trip ride back from a business trip so I coded it up for you all. I guess alot more people use traditional characters than I thought. So traditional characters are back up and working now.

Also for you really ambitious people who want to learn/display both character sets, in the options dialog under the general tab, you can tick “Show Traditional + Simplified Characters for each entry.” and it will display both versions no matter which characters the word you are looking up is in.  I also cleaned up the prefs dialog a bit. You can find the update in the blue box here to the left. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Some people are having problems finding the blue download box (no flash installed??) so here are the links to the files:


Download them to some location then drag and drop them to FF3 to install

14 thoughts on “Chinese Pera-kun 1.01…err I mean…1.02

  1. Nice. This second update did it. Traditional characters work again and all is well with the world.

    One minor bug I noticed with the new version is that the character highlighting only highlights the first character of a word. In the previous version the longest word identified was highlighted.

  2. I’m really confused: Where can I download the Chinese Perapera-kun compatible with Firefox 3? I don’t see any links, but people are talking as if they’re using it.


  3. on the top left of my site under the donate button, there is a blue box called “box” that has the downloads in it, click whichever version you want then drag the downloaded file into FF3 to install it.

  4. Hey, thanks for the links.

    The reason why I can’t see the blue box links: I am in China and must use a web-based proxy to access WordPress blogs (because of Chinese censorship), and web-based proxies cause some problems with flash installations.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m a very happy bunny this evening! I’d forgotten how CPPK had improved my web life!

  6. Just some suggestions for us beginners in Chinese:

    1/ Which is which? Probably [space] but who knows?

    2/ Some type of divider like a pipe because a couple spaces get hard to read after awhile… so not:

    xxxx xxxx this is the definition.


    xxxx || xxxx this is the definition.

  7. The 2 links you added for the dl don’t work.

    I just installed the latest Flash Player, but I still can’t see any “box” under the donate button

  8. Thanks for the quick update.

    Just a note, once I install the add-on, I recompress the JAR using KJAR (I am sure many other SW do as good a job) and save 500kB

    Great add-on. Thanks again


  9. Hello
    I am one author for my own site ( to give information and later some Chinese(mandarin) podcast later on my blog to help friend-speaking people to learn Chinese(Mandarin) directly from French to Chinese; I hope to add the French definition as you did in the Chinese Pera-kun. Can you allow me to contribute?

    please let me know and if any possibility to cooperate with you.

    Chun Ming LU

  10. the Cantonese support seems to be left out, I guess there are still some bugs to fix, maybe. It would be great if the Cantonese support is fixed sometime soon cause I’m so used to reading the Cantonese translation

    I’ve been using this program for 2 years now, wonderful program, thx for creating this

  11. I was wondering is it possible to make the old Chinese Pera-kun Version 0.2.2 compatible with Firefox 3.
    Because that version has the Cantonese version support

  12. Hey, i’ve noticed that mine is only showing the first entry for single-character words. Example: ? will show the entry for “[geng1] to change”, but not the more common one of “[geng4] more”. It seems like it’s picking the first one and not the others. It works fine for multi-character words…just seems to be the single-character words that have multiple pronunciations that are the problem.

    thanks for a wonderful plugin!

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