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Quick fix for Firefox 43 update

Yes, it’s that time of year again. And I’m not talking about Christmas. Firefox just brought out yet another update which means that the plugins aren’t working again.

We are going to address the issue with Mozilla, but here is a quick fix for now (Thanks Andy!).

“If you feel that you trust all your FF extensions, then you can try the following (AT YOUR OWN RISK) in order to force Perapera to be enabled again.

Go to about:config and enter this in search:

Double-click the value to toggle it to false.

Restart the browser.”

This should get things working again while we get the plugin signed and fix some other problems.

Thanks as always for your support!

Perapera Chinese and Japanese updates for Firefox 40

We have already fixed the previous issues with the latest Firefox update, but Mozilla still hasn’t verified them for Mozilla 40. It’s frustrating, but there’s not much we can do.

In the meantime, you can download the (unverified) updates at the following links:

Chinese Perapera

Japanese Perapera

You may get warnings when downloading them (due to the latest updates not being officially accepted yet), but you can just disregard them. Thanks for your understanding!

How to buy Chinese eBooks for Kindle

Reading lots of of authentic content is a vital step on your way to fluency in Chinese. Luckily for us, it’s now possible to buy foreign language titles from the Kindle Store, including Chinese, making language acquisition much more convenient than ever before. In today’s post we will give you a short overview of how to go about downloading electronic books (ebooks) in Chinese language from your the Kindle Store.

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Fix your pronunciation with this free online tool

Pronunciation is a tricky part of mastering any foreign language. You read a new word in an article and look up its meaning but you’re unsure how it’s pronounced. We know more than anyone that there is not always a native speaker around to help out. So what do you do? In the past, phonetic guides in dictionaries and teachers were the only possible resource. Fortunately, there is a 21st century solution to all this.

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