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Firefox 4.0 Dictionary Files

***Update: Japanese dictionaries dont work now because the people who maintain those decided to change the dictionary format to a completely new format which requires rewritting the whole thing just to make it use this format, so for now only Chinese is functioning.

Just a reminder, but here are the links to the dictionary files needed for Firefox 4.0.

Chinese-English Dictionary
Chinese-German Dictionary

If you are having problems, try removing the add-on and reinstalling it from the Mozilla add-ons page:

Perapera-kun Add-on Page

Earthquakes, China, and FF 4.0

Hey guys, sorry for such a delay in getting at least a beta out for version 4.0. Live in Japan and everyone I know was ok thru the earthquake, but I did lose my computer. It did a backflip off the desk and was shattered on the floor when I got home.

Shortly after the earthquake I had a long planned business trip to China which I extended to wait out the Fukushima concerns a bit, and just got back last week.

This FF4.0 compatible release is really nothing fancy and I just know the essentials work, so cant guarantee it will work so great but at least its something to use until there I get the time to make it work proper (sometime after I get a new computer).

In other news I will be open sourcing this and making a Github project for it, so if anyone would like to work together to improve this or add other languages etc, let me know.

In FF4.0, here’s where you would find the Perapera-kun icon:

Step1: Right click on the toolbar and click “customize”

Step 2: Drag the Perapera-kun icon over to the toolbar.

Chinese Pera-kun 1.01…err I mean…1.02

Hello all,

I got a whole bunch of emails asking for traditional character support, which I fully intended to release soon but didnt have time to code when I was rushing to get something out for the FF3 release. I had some time in a trip ride back from a business trip so I coded it up for you all. I guess alot more people use traditional characters than I thought. So traditional characters are back up and working now.

Also for you really ambitious people who want to learn/display both character sets, in the options dialog under the general tab, you can tick “Show Traditional + Simplified Characters for each entry.” and it will display both versions no matter which characters the word you are looking up is in.  I also cleaned up the prefs dialog a bit. You can find the update in the blue box here to the left. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Some people are having problems finding the blue download box (no flash installed??) so here are the links to the files:


Download them to some location then drag and drop them to FF3 to install


Thank you to all you have generously donated to this project!! I have been working every weekend on developing the next version which has involved an education in how the whole Firefox plugin framework works so I can get some of the more inherent bugs fixed while I rewrite this from scratch for Firefox 3. But all is going well. Thanks again for the donations, I got an ACIDMAN dvd I’ve been wanting for awhile (^^)/

Firefox3 Beta Versions

Not enough to push out an update, but for those you really want to use this with the Firefox 3 Betas, you can download compatible versions in my “Box” on the left here. Uninstall the old versions first. Enjoy!

PS: Thank you to those who have already donated! I’ll be working hard this weekend on getting a new version of this out soon!

Worth a cup of coffee?

Is Chinese or Japanese Perapera-kun worth a cup of coffee?

My philosophy toward free software is that if I met the person who coded some program that really helped me out or I used alot, sure I would offer to buy him a coffee or a beer for his troubles.

So if this has helped you at to some degree in your studies or your profession (I know more than a few people who use this almost full time in their jobs) I encourage you to donate the cost of a cup of coffee by clicking on the donation link on the left of the screen.

Besides making my efforts feel appreciated, this will greatly motivate me to get the updates I want to do faster and write some other plug-ins and language related software I have been thinking of creating. Thank you.

I’m excited to finally be working on a new version and here is a list of major changes I will be implementing:

  • Can save vocabulary words to a sidebar for easy viewing & reviewing
  • Choose example sentences to be saved with your word
  • Saved words can be highlighted when you view other websites
  • Redesigned settings dialog thats easier to use
  • Easier way to save words, no more CTRL key confict!
  • Possible integration with a Chinese/Japanese study site
  • Better looking pop-up box
  • A sounds option to pronounce those tones on the words

Still Alive!!!

Wow embarrassing how old that last post was but alot has happened in the past year including moving back to America and a career change. My new career and job has sucked up all the my time but now I have settled in and can work on my side projects again.

Anyways, here’s the new. I will release a minor update of the plug-in so that it works with Firefox 3 this weekend. The next update will be huge and I will be devoting time to it regularly now so the update will come in a reasonable time frame.

I thank all the people who have downloaded, reviewed, commented and sent me feedback. I have had some good dialogs with many of you, and have a really good feel for what will be changed in the next version.

Chinesepera-kun 0.2.2 Released

Here are the changes:

  • More entries in the dictionary
  • Faster Search (needed because of bigger dictionary)
  • You can choose “Show More Results” in the options dialog to yield more results (often redundant, OFF by default).
  • Press when over a character to display character information about it.(very much thanks to Imron Alston for compiling the info from the huge file)
  • Now works with Simplified AND Traditional characters, and will detect automatically, so no longer need to choose anything in the options dialog.
  • Fixed newline character not being outputted upon export
  • Made the accidental exporting when trying to copy and hitting a little better, but still not perfect


Chinesepera-kun’s Next Release…

I have been recently working on updating the dictionary and search for better results. I have to to a place now where there are good results and am about done and ready to release. This will the be the last update for a long time so if there is anything anyone wants changed/included please leave a comment. Main changes are:

  • Rewrote search code so it should be about twice as fast now.
  • Updated the dictionary file, so now theres more entries (hence the faster search was needed).
  • Traditional characters are now supported in browsing and exporting, just choose traditional hanzi in the options menu.(simplified is the default)
  • Added the option to see more results displayed, by choosing “Show More Results” in the options dialog. (off by default)
  • Stripped out the japanese kanji related info.
  • In place of that japanese related info window, if you press it will magnify the hanzi.

Some people have complained about the japanese kanji window being removed, I dont know why, most the information was irrelevant, but if its something everyone wants back I will put it back..leave a comment.

OR if you want the same thing with chinese character information there is the UNIHAN dictionary which holds that information but is 30MB in size…so it would make the extension huge. It contains alot of information that has to do with Japanese and Korean so if someone wants to make a processed version of that file with only the chinese info cherry picked, and sent it to me I can implement that. Or I could try to make it as an optional add-on (much like the names dictionary for the japanese version). Up to you…I dont personally need so I dont plan to add it.

Any other feature requests ?? Leave a comment.